What is an appeal? An appeal seeks review of a lower court’s decision—a trial court decision or even an appellate court decision—by a higher court.

Kristen Williams regularly appears before Oregon’s appellate courts. Since opening Williams Weyand Law, LLC in February 2020, she has handled over 100 appellate cases on behalf of individuals in Oregon and filed over 300 appellate briefs in her legal career.

Williams Weyand Law, LLC represents individuals who need or want to appeal an adverse trial court ruling or final order from an administrative hearing or defend a favorable ruling or order that another party has appealed. We handle appeals involving federal or state tort claims, circuit court judgments upholding or reversing founded abuse dispositions, or final agency orders issued after a contested case hearing before Oregon’s Office of Administrative Hearings.

In most cases in Oregon, a party has 30 days from the date of entry of the judgment to file a notice of appeal. If you are considering appealing an order or judgment, you should consult with a lawyer experienced in handling appeals or ask your trial lawyer to do so as soon as possible to discuss the merits of your case.

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