Administrative Law

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The attorneys and staff at Williams Weyand Law, LLC are highly experienced in agency investigations and challenging agency decisions. We understand that whether you have been accused of abuse or neglect or have a child or other loved one who was not protected from it, it can be frightening and overwhelming to navigate the next steps. We offer our unique expertise to help guide you through any step in the legal process to hold government agencies accountable to the rules and laws that govern them.

Agency Investigations

Oregon’s state agencies tasked with protecting vulnerable citizens or regulating professional licenses each have their unique investigative processes. Often, an investigation starts with a report to the agency.

For individuals who are incorrectly accused of abuse or neglect, it can be embarrassing, frustrating, and frightening to face and defend such an accusation. We at Williams Weyand Law, LLC can assist you to navigate both the investigation of the abuse or neglect allegations and any companion licensing investigation.

Professional License Defense

With years of experience representing state agencies and handling contested case matters, we represent licensed professionals facing complaints and investigations by their licensing agencies and boards. When you are notified of a complaint made against you in your professional capacity, the resulting investigation can be overwhelming, stressful, and all-consuming.

The investigator may, however, be friendly and the investigation seemingly benign. You may be encouraged to openly answer broad questions that seem unrelated to the nature of the complaint and turn over many documents even if seemingly unconnected to the complaint being investigated. Agencies may further discourage you from seeking legal representation during the investigation and any settlement processes after the close of the investigation. But you have a right to representation at all stages of the process. And early representation can be critical in understanding your rights.

At Williams Weyand Law, LLC, we encourage licensees to cooperative with agency investigations without giving up your rights. We guide you through the investigation, assist in negotiations with the agency, and represent you in a contested hearing if that becomes necessary to help protect your license and ability to practice your chosen profession.

State and Local Government Action Reviews: “Founded” or “Substantiated” Abuse or Neglect Dispositions
(and other state agency actions)

After an agency completes an investigation, it will issue a disposition of “founded,” “substantiated,” “unfounded,” “unsubstantiated,” or “unable to determine.”  Other investigating agencies will issue what is called a disposition.  You then have a short timeline to challenge the “founded” or “substantiated” disposition, sometimes no more than 30 days.

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